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CIALIS for daily use is approved to treat erectile dysfunction (ED)

Cialis online is a magic pill to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Cialis works wonders.

Since 2000, when Europe approved Cialis. And since 2003, when the FDA in the US approved Cialis is a medicine

became the market leader. There are similar drugs like Viagra and Levitra. But Viagra and Levitra lose Siauliu.

Viagra lasts 4 hours. Levtra operates 4-5 hours. Cialis works 36 hours!

All because Cialis has a special formula that breaks down in the body. And that the effect is very long. Cialis

is a leader in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Also the main advantage of it is that Cialis does not increase blood pressure, unlike other drugs.

Cialis relaxes muscles of the penis, due to this and goes through the veins the blood flow.

Cialis gives you the freedom to men. After all, every man in life there comes a time when the problems begin. And you receive

Erectile dysfunction. It could be stress, uncertainty, illness, age, heavy loads. And sometimes independently

it is difficult to solve the problem with potency. People have resorted to Chinese medicine and years trying to heal.

But Cialis has a lightning effect. After the first tablet you will see a huge effect for 36 hours.

Millions of men Worldwide are grateful that there is this drug.

How to take generic Cialis?


let's start with the fact that Cialis should be taken 1-2 hours before sexual activity. Drink a glass of water or any other liquid.

It is not necessary to wash down the Cialis grapefruit juice or alcohol. Although Cialis can be taken with alcohol, but it is not worth doing.

After all, a well-known fact that alcohol impairs the effect of any medication and can worsen the effect of this drug.


Buy cialis online has various dosages: 2.5 mg., cialis 5мг., cialis 10 mg and cialis 20mg. The main dosage of the medication is 5 mg. and 20 mg.

The medicine should take 5 mg. when sexual activity is very rare (1 to 2 times per week). In this case

taking every day. In the early days of sexual life will begin to improve and should take 20 mg a few times a week.

For this reason, we strongly recommend you to take a dosage of 20 mg, which at first can be simply divided into parts.

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Cialis was the salvation of thousands of men on the planet. Every man wants to remember those times, those moments when you do not have this disease.

To feel young and sexual joy. Hundreds of years was not the solution. Just 30 years ago people were willing to pay tens of thousands

dollars, spending on traditional remedies, Chinese medicine, acupuncture. Now everyone just have one solution - Cialis.